Operation7 II Preview Part 2 - C-4 and SEMTEX

Date 07-08-2014 11:30

“COMP C-4 for special battle with absolute safety”

C-4 is the bomb you can set many forms and use freely. It doesn’t be affected by climate and it is not be detected by metal detector so it is known as special forces or terrorists mostly use this. What do you think that how C-4 can be utilized in Operation7 II?

< COMP C-4 >

This is the appearance of C-4 in Operation7 II.

C-4 can be installed to where you want and be exploded when you want by using ignition button. Below is the video of utilizing C-4.

C-4 is the strategic bomb so you can install this to various spots and can exterminate enemies.

“SEMTEX, perfect compatibility, indispensable thing among bombs”

The definitions of Semtex in dictionary are ‘Powerful explosive for making illegal bomb’, ‘Strong plastic bomb’. It is cheap and has little weakness just except for a climatic influence so it is being used largely until now.

The best advantage of Semtex is the easiness for remodeling. It would be shown in Operation7 II, as below.


Semtex is set as attachable to anywhere if you throw this in game, so player who don’t throw bomb well could throw and attach the bomb to the wall or structure easily.

Installed semtex would be exploded automatically after 3seconds.

Utilizing newly added COMP C-4 and SEMTEX properly would be major point which can decide the victory or defeat of strategic battle in game.

Be the specialist for explosive with various bombs in Operation7 II.

New battle armed with one’s own weapon will be started! Rise of Condota, Operation7 II.


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