Operation7 II Preview Part 1 - Hybrid Scope and Bipod

Date 05-16-2014 12:00

“Just one scope is not enough!”

The most notable feature of Oepratin7 is weapon assembly system. This time, let’s see hybrid scope and bipod which would be added newly to Operation7 II.

< Hybrid scope >

The hybrid scope which can magnification control during battle is different from existing single scope which has just zoom out function. It also can secure various zoom-in angle of view from the standard to telescopic.

You can play more varied strategy with one main weapon through this.

< Zoom of hybrid scope >

The side RMR which is other additional attachment would enhance the ability for close combat largely under the condition of attaching high-magnification scope.

< Side RMR >

< Zoom of Side RMR >

“Don’t be caught by enemy, even the sound of breathing!”

You can crawl by attaching bipod and also can exterminate enemies more accurately with crawling mode during battle.

< Bipod >

< Crawling mode with bipod >

Crawling mode enhances accuracy and control, also minimizes shaking when aiming. Also, you can hide out from enemy by concealing behind various structures like forest or sandbag.

You can have more diverse and dynamic battle with attachments like hybrid scope, bipod.

New battle armed with one’s own weapon will be started! Rise of Condota, Operation7 II.


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