It is upgraded much more! Map of Industry town, Operation7 II

Date 04-11-2014 02:00

Hello everyone~
This is Operation7 II, Rise Of Condota.

Industry town which is one of the most popular maps in Operation7 will also be at Operation7 II. Don’t you curious about newly changed appearance of Industry town? Let’s see how’s Industry town changed newly and what differences does it have.

The concept image for each element is created as above since the concept of terrain and object which are newly added needs to be identified, based on existing Industry town map. According to the concept image, the map creating work for upgraded Industry town map would be proceeded.

< Concept images of Industry town >

The draft for Industry town map is created by materializing concept image. It feels different compared to the previous Industry town. You also can see the changed structures and newly added objects.

< Initial draft images of Industry town >

The Industry town map with warmer atmosphere is created based on detailed map draft image!

< Final draft images of Industry town >

These are screenshots of finished Industry town map. You can see more realistic appearance not only in each camp but also inside and outside of the factory.

< Screenshots of Industry town >

Plus to this, new terrains are added to new Industry town map. Small points like long corridor of side building, the door of warehouse and so on are modified. So I recommend you to enjoy your time to find differences from existing Industry town.

< Added terrains and buildings >

Map and buildings are upgraded a lot and the change of terrain will make you meet unconventional figure of Industry town. Also you can feel much higher immersion and fun through changed map with high quality. The day when the silent factory district would be battle field for mercenaries is coming soon.

Be fully ready and prepare for the battle! Operation7 II Rise Of Condota


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