The teaser site for Operation 7 II is opened.

Date 04-11-2014 02:00

Hello everyone~
This is Operation7 II, Rise of Condota.

We have developed Operation7 II since 2012 and have tried hard to make and release better game than previous one, Operation7.

The video of Operation7 II was revealed for the first time at Latin Cup in Colombia, 2013 and some of game contents are also revealed at G-STAR 2013 publicity page, so great number of people all over the world visited and left messages for cheer.

< Present condition of cheering message per nation at 2013 G-star >

From now on, Operation7 II – Rise of Condota is going to say hello officially through tease site for spreading our long-awaited wings.

It might be insufficient but we are planning to let you know and share small talks about Oepration7 II or development current situation and something else, so please see what we’re up to. Also, the official facebook for Oepration7 II is opened so you can meet other kinds of stuff which is different contents there. So your great interest and attention for both would be highly appreciated.

Short cut to the facebook for Operation7 II - Rise of Condota

We will continue to meet and talk with you before the official open of Operation7 II.

Rise of Condota Operation7 II, it starts with you together.


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