Operation7 II, “Rise of condota” is a sequel to Operation7 which set a new criterion to FPS, and will provide you assembly system to make own gun with more various parts of guns. Also, Operation7 II will provide AI mode, casual mode newly and other detailed play like lean mode, crawling, picking weapons up, so it would bring new trend to FPS game market.


You can assemble best guns which suit your taste with total 6parts of guns and new hybrid scope. Also attachments like grip, stray bullet, shotgun, tripod, RMR(laser, flash) will help you to play more strategically.


You can utilize lean mode which was offered at Operation7, and new functions like crawling, picking weapons up. You will also be able to enjoy the game more variously with AI mode and casual mode.


You can use departmentalized 40kinds of equipment like PDA, GPS which are needed at strategic battle.


Reality is the biggest motive what Operation7 II seeks, so you will be able to meet and feel real FPS through realistic reproduction of weapons and maps.


Cuando se podrá descargar la fecha mas o menos es el año q viene ?
AM 05:14
AM 04:09
Cuando sale el juego porfabor quien me dice?
esque ya llevan todo un año diciendo que lo van a sacar
AM 03:26
Ya han sacado gameplay?
AM 02:01
Operation7 RoC sale ahora a fin de año amigos! Solo esperen ya fue presentado ahora hay que esperar un tiempito y lo sacan para descargar
Cuamdo saldra este game????
cuando se lanza el juego
Puedes desirme si hay videos o gameplay
bueno ya salio pero fecha definitiva es para el otro año para todos este juego se parece call of duty chino muy recomendado cada rato hay actualizaciones espero que lo jueguen y otro juego warface hay que esperar que paasa con este juego
nunca D: